Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Colombia Crude Oil Exports To US Plummet Week-Over-Week -- December 4, 2019

Imploding? From twitter --

Colombia's crude oil exports to the US crumbling, link here;

Having said that, Colombia's exports to the US are very "volatile." (See first comment.)

I assume Colombia's oil is "heavy oil." If it's Castella Blend, it's very, very, very heavy:

For comparison, western Canadian select, WCS, heavy oil, has an API of 20.9. Bakken, a very light oil, is in the 41+ range.


  1. Can't really see trends from month to month. One shipment of a VLCC is 2 MM bo. Or about 75,000 bopd. Just variation in the timing of deliveries will drive the month to month statistics. Need to look at a longer period to check for real trends.

    1. Yes, that's why at the post I added, "Colombia's exports to the US are very volatile." (Vary widely month-to-month.)