Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019, T+78, Part 2 -- The Passing Of Dick Dale, March 16, 2019

Talk radio yesterday: Dick Dale, left-handed, played right-handed guitars, but unlike Jimi Hendrix, did not re-string the guitar; simply flipped the guitar over and kept the strings "upside down."
Famously, the left-handed Dale’s trademark staccato picking stems from playing a right-handed guitar upside down. But this was no Jimi Hendrix-esque modification. Hendrix, a fellow lefty, restrung his guitars when he flipped them over, but Dale kept his strung the way they were, with the heaviest strings on the bottom. Because this reverses the angle of the bridge pickup, Dale achieved more high-end bite on the bass strings and warmer treble tones.
Smoke on the Water, Dick Dale
North Texas: beautiful, beautiful day; will get to a high of 75 degrees. Watching truck traffic move slowly south on TX Highway 121 into Ft Worth. Hope they have Sirius.

Anticipation: we enjoyed the hospitality and food so much at Copeland's Famous New Orleans Restaurant yesterday in Southlake, TX, we have reservations for same "booth," this Sunday, for brunch/buffet. If son-in-law/daughter let us, we will take Sophia. She won't want anything from the buffet so we will order off the menu: strawberry cheesecake. LOL. We haven't enjoyed a buffet/brunch in years. Perhaps the best brunch/buffet I've ever had? Jewish, west side, Los Angeles, forty years ago. Or thereabouts. 

This is a classic: play loud, headphones, -- 

Misirlou, Dick Dale

Dick Dale: Lebanese-American from Boston. That would be Boston, Massachusetts. Link here.

State with greatest number of highly successful Lebanese-American wheat farmers who entered the country legally: North Dakota. 

Thank you, Mr Tarantino: link here.

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