Monday, July 24, 2017

EU Coming After German Automobile Companies -- July 24, 2017

Pretty funny. Is the EU eating its own? Appears so. Maybe it's time for Germany to leave the EU. LOL. If not, maybe VW and Daimler Benz need to move to the US. Just saying.

Just A Little Humor

I guess this should end all that talk about Walmart and Amazon leaving all other retailers in the dust. Business Insider tells us that Target is leaving Walmart and Amazon in the dust when it come to e-commerce. LOL. Note the date of the article: about 18 months ago. One year ago TGT shares were selling for $76; today, TGT closed at $54.05.

Stuff happens as they say. 


I normally keep poll questions related to energy or the Bakken. But I haven't done a poll in so long, I was worried I would forget how to post a poll. So, quick and fast, a political poll in which we ask whether one thinks Jeff Sessions will still be the US Attorney General on September 1,2017.

Southern California Vacation

Huntington Beach. Ruby's.

Authentic 1950s milkshake.

What's not to love?

Based on other photos, Sophia was absolutely enthralled with these milkshakes. And this is why Texans love California. Ruby's. The Pier. The Ocean. Huntington Beach. LOL.

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