Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mr Gorbachev: Tear Down This Wall! Mr Trump: Visit The Oil Fields Of North Dakota -- Mark Perry -- November 12, 2016

Earlier I suggested:
I sure hope Trump sets out on a tour of the US when he visits those sites where America is already great. His first stop: the Bakken; the DAPL; the BEPC industrial complex; the steakhouse in Watford City.
Now, bless his hear, Mark Perry over at Carpe Diem: two recommendation for president-elect Trump -- visit the NYSE and some of America's prolific oil fields next year.
President Trump should visit one of America’s prolific oil fields, like the Bakken Formation in North Dakota or one of the Texas oil fields, e.g. the Permian Basin in west Texas or the Eagle Ford Shale in south-central Texas.
A visit to one of America’s “petropreneurial nerve centers” would help demonstrate the new president’s strong commitment to pro-energy, pro-shale energy policies that will support the continuation of the Great American Energy Boom that started during (and despite) Obama’s presidency. It would also be in sharp contrast to his predecessor Obama, who has been hostile to the oil and gas industry, and has completely overlooked and ignored America’s shale revolution during his time in office.
Ironically, it was the perfectly timed energy-driven economic stimulus from America’s shale oil and gas fields that supported the US economy during the Great Recession and prevented the economic downturn from being even more severe and lasting much longer – and in the process may have played an important role in Obama’s 2012 re-election!
And Mr Obama never once mentioned that the Bakken saved the US from going into an even deepr recession, possible something some folks define as a depression. 

That was just a small part of what Mark wrote about the Bakken. It's a must read.

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