Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Apple iCloud Back Up -- March 9, 2016

About two hours ago when I went to access Apple iCloud I was unable to log in. That is a very, very rare event and when it does happen, it generally does not last for more than a few minutes. But tonight it was down for quite some time.

There is a web site at which folks can find if a site like the Apple iCloud or Yahoo!Mail is up  down: downdetector.

The best way to access the site is through Google, by asking "Is .... down?"

When Apple iCloud went down, folks were reporting, but not using the dialogue box to say where they were located and whether the system was down. As soon as one person noted time, location, etc., others chimed in. It was quite spectacular: people from around the world, mostly the US, started reporting in. The farthest away, at least from Texas, was from Thailand.

Within minutes a new global community was forming defined by folks unable to access Apple iCloud.

And then the community faded back into global humanity as Apple iPhone came back up. But for a moment a "malfunction" united folks from around the world with a common problem. And then as quickly as it began, it was all over.

It's a strange new world we live in.

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