Thursday, April 9, 2015

For The Archives -- Apple's PC Sales -- Apple Continues Seeing Steady Mac Sales Growth Even As U.S. PC Shipments Decline

Macrumors is reporting:
Even amid a decline in U.S. PC shipments, Apple continues to see steady shipment growth, according to new PC shipping estimates from Gartner. Apple shipped nearly 1.7 million PCs in 1Q15, up from 1.5 million in 1Q14, marking an 8.9 percent increase. Overall PC growth in the United States in 1Q15 was down 1.3 percent compared to 1Q14, with Dell and other smaller manufacturers seeing a decline in shipments.
Gartner estimated total PC shipments in the U.S. during 1Q15 at 13.9 million, down from 14 million last year.

During the quarter, Apple captured 12 percent of the market, up from 10.9 percent in the year ago quarter. Apple is positioned as the third largest PC vendor in the United States, and continues to trail both HP and Dell when it comes to market share.
It's all about the "Apple Eco-System." You buy the best iPhone. Then you upgrade to the new retina laptop. Then you get the watch. Then you get a new iPhone. Rinse. Repeat.

By the way, one doesn't upgrade to a new Apple produce because one has to -- they last "forever." One upgrades because one can.

Can't wait to read the comments at the linked Macrumors article.

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