Thursday, October 10, 2013

Around The Horn -- Day 10 Of The Government Shutdown

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here or what you think you may have read here. 

30-second sound bite: oil continues to slide toward the $100 support. Bakken operators are significantly outperforming the majors. Sweet. Most Bakken stocks are surging after their recent pullback; following the general market; rumors of a thaw in the government shutdown showdown: our National Park Service at its finest, and memories of how the Obama administration treated military veterans and family of active duty killed in Afghanistan. Sad day for America.

KOG surges to a new high, up over 3%. I used to consider KOG the bellwether stock to track the Bakken. About a month ago (sometime in September, 2013), I began re-thinking this. I now consider HK the bellwether stock to track the Bakken.

HK is up about 1.5%; about $4.90.

Oasis surges, but still not back to its 52-week high. Reported a huge well today.

WLL surges 2%; not back to its 52-week high.

CLR is up almost 3% today; well off its 52-week high; has been on a tear past few weeks.

CVX, COP, XOM: CVX continues to slide; warned on 3Q13 earinings; COP surges 2%; and XOM down slightly.

EOG is up over 1%; near its all-time high.

CHK is up almost 2%; not back to its recent high.

SD is up almost 2%; in a trading range.

AMZG was back up to $2.00 earlier today ( a nice entry point); now down a nickel (a better entry point).

TPLM is up over 3%; near its 52-week high.

UNP is in its trading range well below its 52-week high. Up over 2% today.

I don't follow BNSF (BRK) much any more; BRK follows the market in general.

ENB, EEP are both in a trading range, well below their highs.

SRE continues to struggle. But paying 3%. I wonder if the Mexican economy can be seen as a proxy for SRE's prospects? Up a bit today.

TransCanada is up about half-a-percent, and well off its highs.

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