Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bakken's Economic Ripple As Shown At Carpe Diem

Link here to a rather amazing graphic and piece of research.

At that same site, there is an astonishing graphic showing the surge in US oil production in May, 2013. Even considering the turnaround in the past 12 months, the surge in May is quite startling. 

One has to remember that this surge is really the result of only three basins: the Williston Basin, the West Gulf Basin, and the Permian Basin. It is likely that the West Gulf Basin (the Eagle Ford) will swamp the Bakken in terms of output before it's all over.

Production is held back by takeaway capacity and perhaps to some extent to lack of demand.

California is not yet a player.

Alaska is not yet a player.

Texas has yet to show how much it can really do.

Much of the mid-continent is off-limits; in fact, most of this recent upsurge is on private land; once we get an administration that is not afraid of US economic success, federal land will be opened to drilling.

We have yet to see what the Uinta, Niobrara, Mississippi Lime can do.

Off-shore Gulf of Mexico is just starting to come back.

Off-shore California is a non-player with regard to the surge, and, of course, off the Atlantic coast: nil.

And this is just the United States. Throw in Canada and one does have a potential "Saudi America."

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