Monday, September 14, 2020

Fast And Furious, Fifteen Minutes -- Nothing About The Bakken -- September 14, 2020

Anticipation: I'm waiting for The WSJ or similar business news publication, perhaps Forbes, doing a feature story on the surge in the amount of "cloud" storage. A year ago, Sophia, age six, uploaded zero -- repeat, zero -- videos to her teachers. On Friday, Sophia uploaded not less than three short videos to her teachers to meet daily requirements for "streamers." Now multiply that by all the elementary school "streamers" x five days a week. Add in all the Zoom meetings held multiple times daily. My hunch: data storage is getting to be a very, very lucrative business.

Snowflake: cloud company raises IPO price range to $100 vs $75. Link here. Twenty-three banks underwriting this deal led by GS and MS.

Anticipation: Apple's special event scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, noon CDT.

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Tesla: new Tesla challengers are scoring huge investments, but Nikola, Rivian, and Lucid may arrive too late to gain ground in the electric car market -- Business Insider.

P/E: Tesla's P/E has dropped significantly -- only 965 this morning. But more interesting, it's forward P/E is "only" 159, suggesting it's a buy. 

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.  Do not make any investment, financial, job, career, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or think you may have read here.

Nikola. Maybe this was Nikola's game plan all along?

Nikola: lead story over at SeekingAlpha today -- Nikola collapsing under the pressure. That was my thought the other day, I just couldn't articulate it after seeing headline about employees being sent to Europe to face off against short sellers. Weird. How often do we see that? Like never. Archived here.


TikTok: Oracle surges; wins bid for TikTok; Microsoft loses. Link here.

Turkey gets unprecedented downgrade, crisis warning from Moody's. Key word: unprecedented. Link here.

Word for the Day

Word for the day: pocket door. Link here and here

The Sports Page

Overall: pretty much dreadful for the weekend, except perhaps mens US tennis Open. Link here

NFL: A survey that has no validity, absolutely meaningless, but still 52% of respondents: "not watching NLF due to BLM; urge boycott." Link here. I surfed through all football games on Sunday; I paused long enough to see Tom Brady's team lose. I had completely forgotten for whom he was now playing.

Carson Wentz: am I missing something here?

Williston High School: football team is under quarantine until September 23, 2020. Link here.

Biggest disappointment: Dallas Cowboys putting up only 17 points. Win, lose, or draw, the Dallas Cowboys should certainly score more than 17 points. That averages less than one TD each quarter.

Never got the memo: apparently the NFL official, #55, never got the memo that NFL players "need space." Absolutely inappropriate ejection of Jamie Collins. Give me a break. 

Dinner Delivery

Maybe it's just me, but except for pizza I am not impressed with quality of food that is being delivered. I don't know what it is but for the past six months or so, the family gets together for Sunday evening dinner for restaurant dinner delivery.

It started out as a way to support local restaurants.

Orders are often incomplete, but worse, the entrees are just not that good. Somehow they lose something in transit. I assume there are two "delays." First, the delay at the restaurant. When the dinner is ready for delivery, the restaurant must wait for GrubHub, DoorDash, etc., to show up for the delivery; and, second, the time in transit itself. 

Also, "fine food" being delivered in styrofoam containers and/or cardboard -- somehow the "fine" in "fine food" is being lost. 

Graphic of the Day


  1. The media does not like CW. he is from ND as you know. He hunts during the season. Just being from a conservative state, makes him not a clone drone that they want. All of those media outlets, even though sports, are extreme left. Thats why I dont watch much sports anymore. Cause it isn't so much sports.

    1. Agree completely. The Eagles lost the game due to their defense as I read the article. Carson Wentz seemed incredible from what I read. You are so correct: Eagles fans must really, really be irritated to have quarterback out of North Dakota. Wow.