Saturday, May 18, 2019

Week 20: May 12, 2019 -- May 18, 2019

Top international non-energy story this past week: Tiger Woods misses the cut at the PGA championship just two weeks after taking the Masters championship.

Top international energy story this past week: Mideast saber-rattling results in all-out war of .... words.

Top US non-energy stories this past week:
Top US energy story this past week:
Geoff Simon's top ND energy stories this past week:
  • Oil production rebounds from cold weather; Helms expects the industry will be back in record-setting territory for oil production very soon with road restrictions ending and more favorable weather on the way.
  • Wealthiest county in North Dakota can't find money for schools
  • Watford City awarded $10 million airport grant; grants also awards to airports at Fargo, Hillsboro;
  • Plastics plant: second attempt -- North Dakota most likely site -- spokesman
  • North Dakota drops 11 spots in US News rankings -- Fargo Forum; (it all depends on what data is being tracked). Washington State (#1); New Hampshire (#2); Minnesota (#3)
  • NOAA: previous studies over-estimated methane emissions from oil industry; from the NOAA itself; the same agency that knows the temperature of the earth one hundred years from now to the nearest tenth degree
Bakken 101:

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