Thursday, May 16, 2019

Did Jeff Bezos Unwittingly Dodge A Silver Bullet? -- Thank-You Letter To Occasional-Cortex? -- May 16, 2019


This most incredible story is followed here.

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One wonders.

Corporations like Amazon, and CEOs like Jeff Bezos seldom make decisions based on emotion, or so one would hope. Most of us thought that Jeff Bezos pulled the Amazon HQ2 project out of Long Island over a tiff between him and Occasional-Cortex and the Democratic leadership in Albany, NY.

Now, I'm not so sure.

Was this the real reason Jeff Bezos decided to "get out of Dodge," as they say?

Two things.

Jeff Bezos and his people would have had to know about high electricity costs in NYC and Long Island.

What's the most expensive "thing" a high tech company has? People. Okay. What's the second most expensive "thing"? Electricity. After that, everything else.

So, even before the "NY-Denies-Pipeline-Permit" story, Jeff Bezos knew that energy and the cost of electricity was going to be a huge issue. He probably never imagined that access to electricity was going to be an issue. Or access to natural gas.

His HQ2 might not have required any natural gas; it could have all been managed with electricity, but all those new employees buying homes; all those new retail stores opening in Long Island -- like restaurants, etc -- many will require natural gas hook-ups and all will require electricity -- produced by natural-gas plants served by the pipeline.

So two things:
  • Jeff Bezos already knew about the soaring electricity bills in NY
  • was Jeff Bezos aware of the natural gas pipeline expansion issue, also?
Occasional-Cortez is looking more and more brilliant every day. Jeff Bezos dodged a silver bullet.

He needs to send a thank-you note to Occasional-Cortex.

By the way, on global warming, Occasional-Cortex has already won the debate with Boring Biden. She is clearly correct; he is so wrong. Perhaps more on this later.

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