Friday, May 17, 2019

Another Nice MRO Bailey Oil Field Re-Frack -- May 17, 2019

MRO may, again, get recognized as the best / most interesting "medium" operator in the Bakken for 2019.

See this link, #18842, Tescher 11-27H.

CLR has its Brooklyn oil field; MRO has its Bailey.


  1. If you look at productivity data, CLR is not very impressive. 2018 MRO wells have ~3X the IP6mo as CLR wells. I love CLR and Hamm, but facts are facts.

    This doesn't mean CLR isn't drilling economically positive wells. But not superstar results. You get the wrong impression if you look at IR slides with individual wells highlighted versus averages of all wells.

    1. You are correct. Location, location, location. Even in the Bakken.