Sunday, November 13, 2016

Shenanigans In Wyoming -- Update -- All That Silly Talk About Banning Fracking Is Off The Table -- November 13, 2016

Do folks remember the Wyoming story -- the one about fracking water in ground table water? I've blogged about it numerous times. Google "shenanigans in Wyoming" at the MDW and you will find updates. Here's the best link, perhaps. There's even a tag a the bottom of the page, EPAWyomingShenanigans.

We now have the follow-up. From Oil & Gas Journal:
Wyoming DEQ finds no frac fluid in groundwater near Pavillion. 
Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) did not find evidence that hydraulic fracturing fluids from a nearby natural gas field rose to shallow depths for drinking water and irrigation supplies near the town of Pavillion in 2014, the state agency said on Nov. 7.
“Also, based on an evaluation of hydraulic fracturing history, and methods used in the Pavillion gas field, it is unlikely that [fracing] has caused any impacts to the water supply wells,” it added in a fact sheet accompanying the more than 80,000-page report.
WDEQ conducted a further investigation after the US Environmental Protection Agency said in a 2011 draft report that it found chemicals consistent with fracing and gas production in groundwater near the west-central Wyoming community. The draft report never implied that fracing was unsafe, an EPA official subsequently told a US House subcommittee.
In its June and August 2014 sampling of 13 water supply wells near Pavillion, WDEQ found no organic compounds, other than a pesticide and an ester used in flexible polyvinyl chloride plastics that is a common laboratory contaminant.
Jeb Bush Was Most Likely Under The Influence

Without question, my favorite symphony:

Without question, my favorite media star in this clip: Ann Coulter. My least favorite political stars in this clip, without question, the Bush brothers, followed closely by President Obama. I never thought I would say that -- that Barack Obama is actually marginally more tolerable than the Bush brothers. After seeing this clip. And knowing that neither supported, nor voted for, the GOP candidate.

Only one problem with this clip: #NotLongEnough.

That clip morphs into this one:

Maybe we need this:

You Want It Darker, Leonard Cohen

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