Friday, August 26, 2016

Highway And Road Construction Update For Boomtown, USA -- August 26, 2016

From The Williston Herald, updates on Williston road construction:
  • Trinity Christian school will delay opening until Tuesday after Labor Day due to nearby road construction.
  • Dakota Parkway to 26th street, both directions; paving; the new intersection will be a "T" with stoplights allowing traffic to go both left and right from either direction.
  • The small Sixth Street access point to Dakota Access will be eliminated.
  • These changes will provide a better, safer approach to the new high school (west side of town). 
  • Truck traffic has been moving to the truck bypass around Williston, alleviating much traffic congestion.
  • A turn lane will be added at 42nd Street, near Walmart.
  • Construction later this year, next for 32nd Avenue; and, at the 26th Street and Second Avenue Intersection.
  • Near the new 26th Street and Dakota Parkway access point, there is a city road project that is nearing completion: the frontage road near Sears and Roosevelt Hotel; this stretch will be paved "this weekend."
  • The city has just opened the second mile of 11th Street.

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