Saturday, October 5, 2013

Random Note On An EOG Monitoring Well

When you get to that second link, scroll down to Table 1: total production in North Dakota by formation. Prior to the Bakken boom, back in 1997, the formation that produced the most oil was the Madison formation. Number 2? The Duperow (Devonian), albeit a distant second.

Why am I bringing that up now? In the daily activity report:
  • 26661, loc, EOG, Wayzetta 46-11M, the Duperow, Parshall
But, unfortunately, it does not appear there is anything to get excited about. The "M" stands for "monitoring.

According to the well file: "The subject well is a strategraphic test well to seismically monitor the fractures in the laterals of three adjacent wells the Wayzetta 45-0311H (#26458), 44-0311H (26459)and 114-0311H (#20541). According to the well file, the well will never go into production.

However, on a better note, those three EOG wells (#20541, #26458, and #26459) will be on one pad in the same section as this well:
  • 16991, 1,383, EOG, Wayzetta 9-03H, Parshall, one section spacing; 1.3 million lbs sand;  t7/08; cum 766K 8/13;

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