Thursday, January 10, 2013

Isn't This Interesting: Canadian Sands Oil Shipping to Mississippi (USA) By Rail


Later, 7:53 pm est: a reader pointed out that trains coming from Canada do not produce any CO2. 

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Southern Pacific Resources Corp. said rail shipments have begun of diluted bitumen (dilbit) produced at its STP-McKay thermal oil sands project in Alberta to a terminal in Mississippi as production at the project ramps up.

The first shipment of dilbit left the Lynton terminal south of Fort McMurray on Dec. 22, 2012, and arrived in Mississippi on Jan. 6 for offloading at the Genesis Natchez terminal, where Southern Terminal has exclusive capacity. With steady shipments under way, the company plans to build storage before starting sales to Gulf Coast refiners at the end of January.
While developing the rail transport program last year, Southern Pacific said the system would provide pricing advantages and lower diluent requirements.
The faux environmentalists can probably watch the 100-unit oil trains as they pass through North Platte, Nebraska, over the aquifer, on their way to Mississippi. 


  1. CSX rail has a commerical on tv that says they can move by rail , 1 ton of freight 468 miles burning 1 gallon of i wonder what 118 cars of dilbit would take for fuel..

    But at least they are not using COAL to make clean , cheap Elec to power the pipeline pumps..

    1. One ton x 468 miles x thousands of miles from Alberta to Mississippi, a faux environmentalist's nightmare.

      If they were shipping Bakken sweet and light crude, they could fuel the diesel train directly without refining -- at least in theory, I think.