Saturday, April 21, 2012

Headlines From This Week's Edition of the Williston Wireline

Four new RV parks being planned near Williston; follows city's ban living in RV campers inside city limits.

New shoe store opens in Williston; in iconic Hedderich building on Main Street.

Alexander crew camp opens buffet to the public.

Crosby to annex 234 acres, $1.7 million (this link won't last long).

$30 million housing development breaks ground in Tioga: commercial cites; 20+ single family homes, 90 townhomes; 40+ single family homes and a commercial site (three phases).


  1. Bismarck AnonymousApril 21, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    During my youth (grade school / high school) my parents bought me a number of shoes from the original Heddrichs store.

    One of the reasons for the high ceiling, was the centralized cashier located on a second floor balcony, with tubes of cash and/or receipts zipping to and fro, on wires from the sales till on the main floor, to the cashier and back. Seemed like a modern marvel at the time (pre computer days).

    However, I am a little concerned about what it is going to take to heat the place.

    But I wish him the best of luck, and will attempt to stop in and buy my next pair of SAS from him the next time I visit Williston.

    1. As a young child, I always marveled at that "technology."

      I have trouble believing the new owner could use the whole store for shoes; it's a huge building. I wonder if he/she isn't just renting out a portion of the store. The article made it sound like he/she bought the entire building for shoes, so maybe. But it sounds like a lot of store for just shoes. (Yes, heating would be a huge expense.)

    2. I don't think he will occupy the entire building. I'm not sure he even owns the building, does he? I think it is still owned by a dentist (Dr. Lloyd Ashton).

      The building is really cool to walk around in. It is a giant antique store and sells used books, etc... in the basement. It recently had a restaurant that was opened up by a western Montana family, but I am not sure if it is still open or not. Maybe Mr. Kitzenberg bought the entire building, but I think he is maybe leasing space for his shoe store? Not sure, but the new shoe store is certainly a WELCOME to Williston. Any new store is good thing for Williston.

    3. I agree; my hunch is he is leasing a portion of the store.

    4. Also, I want to commend the city of Williston for doing something about these hundreds of trailers, campers and RV's parked around the city.

      People DO need a place to live, but my mom has had strangers park in front of her home for a couple days and then they move on to another block. I'm sure my mom is not alone in feeling a little uncomfortable about these new citizens setting up their temporary homes on city streets throughout Williston.

      I'm also aware that SOME homeowners are renting out their driveways, etc..., but this is not right either. The city has to do what it can to protect the citizens and make this town a nicer community to live in. RV parks are the answer, and thank goodness 4 are opening up to accomodate the new compers.

    5. I agree completely.

      Thank you for taking time to comment.