Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Takeaway Capacity -- WLL Presentation -- February, 2012-- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

April 9, 2012: ONEOK announces the 1,300-mile Bakken Crude Express Pipeline from Stanley, North Dakota, vicinity, to Cushing, Oklahoma. [Update: the Bakken Crude Express Pipeline was canceled by ONEOK; not enough subscribers.]

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Existing 2011 Add 2012 Add 2013 Add Total
Enbridge 185K 25K 145K 355K
Bridger/Belle Fourche 120K 30K 50K 100K 300K
Tesoro/Mandan 60K 60K
EOG (rail) 60K 60K
Plains 50K 50K
Hess (rail) 60K 60K
COLT (rail) 60K 60K
BOE (Lario)(rail) 100K 100K 200K
Savage (rail) 90K 90K
Quintana (rail) 90K 90K
Total 425K 155K 522K 190K 1,292K

So, today with rail, about 580,000 bbls takeaway capacity. Some of these lines accept Bakken oil only, such as Enbridge.

According to the slide from which I got this information, the Keystone pipeline goes through western North Dakota but has no connections to any pipeline inside the state. 

I understand that Enbridge is adding rail capacity. I do not know if Enbridge rail capacity is included in the figures above. I doubt it.

The above figures do not include the languishing Keystone XL which would go through western North Dakota, but certainly not earlier than 2013.

The "big" Enbridge pipeline takes Bakken crude to Clearbrook, Minnesota.

The Bridger/Belle Fourche is a huge pipeline, south from Tioga/Ray area, passes Dickinson on the west, and then angles southwest into Montana at the ND/SD line.

The Quintana is a north-south pipeline, also, running passing Williston on the west, passing Dickinson the west (going through Whiting's Lewis & Clark prospect) and then angles southwest paralleling the Bridger/Belle Fourch. [The slide shows it as "rail" but I think it's a pipeline: Quintana Capital Group Pipeline: In June 2010, Quintana Capital Group announced plans to connect the major producing regions of the Williston Basin with TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline in Eastern Montana. The proposed $250 million project would have an initial capacity of 100,000 bpd and could be expanded to 120,000 bpd. The plans utilize 310 miles of new pipeline and would connect the heart of the Bakken play with the Keystone XL pipeline near Baker, MT in early 2013.]

By the way, speaking of "takeaway," here's a commercial for a double-breasted chicken sandwich:

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  1. The Take away story is of keen interest.

    It makes one wish the Secretary of Energy (who we have been reminded several times is a Nobel Prize winner), would not mess up fundamentals which spell out the reality that regional domestic production may soon outstrip daily carrying capacity. Oil the US can get to market ends up sitting fallow and gets replaced by foreign product which has to be shipped a great distance, over water (more risk), and using naval bunker fuel (releasing higher greenhouse gases for those so moved).

    This lack of common sense is only magnified by a President who goes to Brazil, provides foreign aid to expand their oil production, and says, "We want to be one of your customers." This is one American who says, "No we don't."

    A real Charlie Brown moment, "Good grief."

    CW2 Boise

  2. I agree 100%.

    Walking up to Starbucks today --- a 20-minute walk -- I had some of those same thoughts. Still paying for oil coming in tankers across the ocean and banning oil from Canada.

    Good grief, is right.