Thursday, October 13, 2011

Updating the String of Whiting Wells in Stark County; Reminding Folks of Two Recent Outstanding Lodgepole Wells In/Near Dickinson -- Date/Stamp A New Lodgepole -- Bakken, North Dakota, USA

I have just updated the "string" of Whiting wells in Stark County. This will give folks an idea of the Three Forks potential in that part of the state.

That alone is worth your time if interested in the Williston Basin. But in updating that list, I was reminded of two great Lodgepole wells practically inside Dickinson city limits on the southwest side, if not inside the city.

Permits Issued in 2009
  • 18190, 463, Armstrong, Laurine Engel 1, Lodgepole, t9/09; cum 347K 6/12;
  • 18496, 474, Armstrong, Gruman 18-3, Lodgepole Pool, t3/10 cum 255K 6/12;
If you strike a Lodgepole well, it's generally a great well. At two years, the Engel well had yielded 247K bbls, and was still producing 10,000 bbls/month.

The Gruman at 18 months old, had produced 160K bbls and was still producing 10,000 bbls/month.

Most of us think of the Lodgepole as being concentrated down in the Dickinson area, and that's probably accurate, but I hear an oil company has hit a Lodgepole where it was unexpected. It is still confidential, so I won't say more, but I want to post this much for time/date stamp for archival purposes. [August 18, 2012: I was referring to an Oasis Lodgepole north of Williston -- Tyrone oil field, I believe. It did not turn out to be as exciting as some thought it would be.]


  1. waiting for an update

  2. I updated two wells that were on DRL status and have now been completed; nothing to write home about.

    The two Lodgepole wells are still producing at 10,000 bbls/month.