Monday, September 13, 2021

The Market -- September 13, 2021

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Jim Cramer likes CVX, DVN, and PXD. OXY is too oil-focused at a time when natural gas is surging in demand and price.

I was curious about the following (numbers rounded):

  • DVN:
    • market cap: $20 billion
    • P/E: 56
    • dividend: 1.57%
    • comment: market cap and P/E certainly appear to be obstacles to being acquired
  • PXD:
    • market cap: $40 billion
    • P/E: 114
    • dividend: 2.11%
    • comment: I don't see PXD as a takeover candidate based on history of company; P/E; and, market cap;
  • APA:
    • market cap: $7 billion
    • P/E: 10
    • dividend: 0.54%
    • comment: I see APA as a takeover candidate

Intuit: will acquire Mailchimp for $12 billion.

Comment: I only saw the first fifteen minutes of Jim Cramer this evening. I did not like his lead-in. His theme this morning was carried over to tonight: September will be a tough month for investors; lots of volatility; likely to see a big pullback. Some air was taken out of that sail when the Dow finished up 260 points today. He suggested it was sector rotation; the NASDAQ was a bit -- but barely -- down for the day. Cramer said the only thing "working" right now was energy. All four major US equity indices, futures are in the green right now, 7:03 p.m. CT.


  1. Bruce
    I currently own tgp, kmi, and oke. All around 7%

    1. Excellent. I had forgotten all about TGP. Thank you for the reminder. This is not an investment site, and I'm not making recommendations, but I really, really like OKE. I also think KMI is an excellent choice for accumulation. This could be an exciting six months, especially if it's a cold winter.