Monday, September 13, 2021

Headlines -- September 13, 2021

Thank you, Mr Biden, for killing the Keystone XL: US gasoline prices hit seven-year high. Link to Julianne Geiger.  Too bad no ones wants to buy a GM Bolt without a $12,500 credit. Credit, not deduction.

Headlines: Seldom do I see two or three headlines at the same time over at that catch my eye. Tonight, six headlines. Think about these:

  • Europe: Nord Stream 2 in limbo as Germany prepares to decide on key license;
  • Mideast: Saudi Arabia on edge as the US withdraws from the Middle East;
  • Russia: how much oil is Russia really pumping?
  • Is oil really doomed? See below.
  • Natural gas: prices can still double from here.
  • Chipmaker and EV stocks are set to soar this year.

We'll come back to these later. 

Here are the links:

I'll be traveling the rest of this week. Blogging will be intermittent but lots of time for blogging.  

The next six months will be quite interesting.

There are a lot of stories that hit the tabloids first but when they appear in the WSJ, it speaks volumes. Some examples:

  • Shell in the GofM after Hurricane Ida; worse than first thought?
  • Energy prices in Europe hit record after winds quit blowing. Link here.
    • "Texas Freeze" resulted in sky-high prices for 24 - 72 hours; in Europe, this is much worse and it's going to on for months; imagine that.
  • Covid-19 delta variant hitting young unvaccinated folks. Link here.
  • SpaceX / Elon Musk: will send four civilians to space this week. Link here

Wow, wow, wow. Did anyone else catch this? Fox acquires TMZ. Amazing. Link here. Spun off from AT&t's Warner Media

Not reported anywhere: US Congressmen/women and their staffers exempt from Resident Biden's executive order on mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations.

Amazon launches its own TVs. Will cement itself in living rooms. Link here

FAANG just gets bigger and bigger.

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