Saturday, June 12, 2021

Why Bozeman, MT, Is The Fastest (?) Growing City In The US -- June 12, 2021

I believe I read an article earlier this year suggesting Bozeman, MT, was the fastest growing city in the US. If not the "fastest" growing city in the US, certainly in the running.

My sister sent me this photo of herself taken this evening “in” Bozeman. Outside temperature apparently 73°. 

Note: there is an empty chair just waiting for you. 

Later: They're reading the blog. Less than twelve hours after posting the story above, Fox News: Montana, the sold-out state New Yorkers can't get enough of. 


And from a reader, from the NY Times, behind a paywall, this op-ed, May 12, 2021: my beloved college town has a problem: it's too popular. The "town"? Bozeman, MT.  Posted here, not behind a paywall: link


  1. Gateway to Yellowstone and some of the best powder snow skiing in the world. Home to the "other" state university, and I have heard a booming cyber-tech industry that tends to pay really well.

    1. My hunch: this is another one of those incredible well-kept secrets.

  2. Went to college there in the winter of 1972-3..... My girlfriend worked at the hospital there, and lived in an apt. only a block away. One time while I was visiting her, we heard the ambulance come in. Later we learned it was carrying Chet Huntley, who had a resort south of town, towards Yellowstone Park.