Monday, March 23, 2020

Trump's Wall -- Update -- March 23, 2020

The video is nine minutes long but worth every moment.

The Daily Note

Biden's campaign: wow, this is incredibly embarrassing. I cannot believe his staff let it be released. Besides incredibly bad content, this is incredibly amateurish. For the archives: after having disappeared for the past several weeks, it was announced late last week that the Democrat front-runner would begin a weekly (?) podcast. This is the first. It is quite clear the Democrats (and perhaps even Biden's staff) are looking for someone other than Biden. How else would you explain this podcast -- taking us all the way to the 40's. He also mentioned the 20's and "everyone" thought he was talking about the 1920's. LOL. He quickly clarified that he was talking about the 2020's or 2020. That part was not clear. Most shocking: he was suggesting the US military release gas masks to protect us from the virus.

Trillion-dollar bill, phase 3: the Democrats have blocked the bill; apparently a lot of friction on "the Hill." It tells me this "crisis" is not all that serious if it's politics as usual. Most voters know the purse strings are controlled by the US House, and the US House is controlled by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the squad. If the GOP can't use this to their advantage, well, what can I say?

Big winner coming out of this crisis? Amazon. I can't say it enough. [Later: four boxes from Amazon arrived today for our household here in north Texas. In addition two boxes will arrive for our three-week-old grandsons in Portland -- formula -- later this week. I used to "track" Amazon packages but they are so dependable I no longer track them. Early on, years ago, I lost a package or two, but hasn't happened since. I'm careful where I have them delivered.]

Tesla: will it survive?
  • the Nevada gigafactory is shut down; will it re-open?
  • Tesla's Achilles heel: China.