Sunday, February 25, 2018

Daimler On The Move -- February 25, 2018

Two days ago it was announced that Chinese manufacturer "Geely" had acquired a $9 billion interest in Daimler. First, I thought it was all about luxury cars; then I thought it was all about trucks. Then I thought it was all about EVs. Now: it's about all three: cars, trucks, and EVs.

I think I read somewhere Geely is the largest auto maker in China. Geely already owns (all of) Volvo, having bought it from Ford some years ago.

Today, it's being reported that China's fourth largest automaker, BAIC Motor, and Daimler plan to build a $2 billion production base in China. From the Reuters story:
In a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange dated Feb. 23, Baic said the new factory would manufacture various Mercedes-Benz products in China including "new energy electric vehicles" equipped with "high quality premium automobile manufacturing system to further improve the overall production capacity of Beijing Benz.
A Day At Six Flags Over Texas -- Dallas/Ft Worth -- Arlington, TX

With her sisters skiing in Colorado, Sophia is spending the day with her mother in Six Flags Over Texas.

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