Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Market And Energy Page, With A Little Bit Of Politics, T+323 -- December 10, 2017

Link to ISO New England. Spot electricity jumped to $75/MWh earlier this morning; now down to about $40/MWh.

ISO Australia: will hit $180/MWh in South Australia; as high as $350/MWh in some other areas.

The Political Page

The most recent "fake news" that has Trump upset (for the archives): the amount of television he is said to watch, and that he had a 60-inch flat screen put in his dining room. Some comments:
  • the media sound like parents of the 1970's: worried about their children watching too much television
  • just 'cause a TV set is on, doesn't mean you're watching it
  • TV network and cable news is one of the few things, along with Twitter, that is unfiltered by his staff; he sees immediately what the rest of America is being told
  • the "journalist" who started all this must be over 30 years old; no one younger than 30 talks about "watching television"; it's all about "screen time"
  • and, what size flat screen does Mark Cuban have in his dining room?
And about all the diet Coke he drinks? Our physicians tell us to drink plenty of liquids; he says he doesn't drink alcohol; we might all be better off if our elected leaders (and "journalists") stuck to diet soft drinks without the alcohol.

Update: one day after the above was posted, a self-acclaimed ISIS terrorist detonated a bomb on a NYC subway platform, but that didn't stop CNN from focusing on what President Trump drinks:

Catching Up On The News -- At Water Polo

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