Thursday, October 26, 2017

Meandering Thoughts On An NFL-Free Thursday Night -- OCtober 26, 2017

I just googled, "NFL tonight" -- wow, this will keep the viewers tuned in. The score is 40 - 0.  I can't remember who is playing -- I guess one of the teams is the Dolphins. I can already hear the play-by-play announcers trying to keep viewers tuned in -- "If they can score on this drive, get an on-side kick and this is a game again." 

World events:
  • something tells me "Rocket Man" and his minions are flummoxed by President Trump
  • I can't wait to see if President Trump visits the DMZ; I hope he does; maybe even tweet from the DMZ
  • Saudi Arabia: talk about being flummoxed; slow train wreck, losing $5 billion / month; strategies not working; 
  • Iraq's star rising; Iran, back to square one with the US and world community
  • Germany's Merkel: now she knows what quicksand feels like: slow and impossible to get out of
  • US breaking away from rest of world; US E&Ps targeting $27 oil
  • US crude oil exports increasing, and yet US crude oil inventories increase -- so much for re-balancing
  • we haven't heard about storage constraints at Cushing for quite some time now; despite rising inventories
  • value investors talk about looking for "value," but have become "momentum" investors
  • growth investors are the new "momentum" investors
  • I wouldn't put new money in Big Oil, Medium Oil, or Small Oil right now, but my hunch is that next summer (2018) I'm going to wish I had put new money into Big Oil, Medium Oil, and Small Oil
  • tea leaves: Janet Yellen is re-appointed by President Trump for another four years
  • stock pickers' market but market has the feel of the Golden Nugget for the first time in quite some time
  • a lot of "accidental high dividend payers"
  • GE will spin off one or two divisions
  • investors have a four-year opportunity that they have not had in 16 years; but the opportunity will last only four years
Oil money
  • CEOs, CFO, board directors doing very, very well
  • roughnecks doing well but probably not as well as they were doing during the boom
  • mineral owners with minerals in "sweet spots" are going to be shocked at how big their monthly checks are with pad drilling
  • surface owners: monthly easement checks make life a bit better but still angry they don't have mineral rights
  • North Dakota: will see Legacy Fund growing a bit faster in 2018 than in 2017
  • investors in equity: doing really, really badly and wondering what happened
  • did I forget anyone?
  • music is still not as good as it was in 1969
  • the "old" Apple phones are just as good as the "new" Apple phones and a whole lot less expensive
  • folks will be underwhelmed by Tesla's Model 3
  • YouTubeTV will scare the heck out of Spectrum, Comcast
  • NFL-free Sundays will become the new mantra; with TV money, NFL will thrive; if Kaepernick gets a job, that will provide an excuse for the "kneelers" to stand once again; everyone will save face
  • every male celebrity, every male journalist is waiting for their sexist past to catch up with them  
The Art Page

Sophia, age 3.3 years old (3 years 4 month old)
Medium: water color
October 26, 2017
Title: Birds

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