Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bakken Oil Field Updates; Trump Gets Another $100 Billion Commitment -- December 6, 2016

Statoil's Pyramid wells on the northwest side of Williston have been updated.

CLR's Burr Federal and Roggenbuck wells have been updated, as well as Whiting's Bartleson wells in the same area. Screenshots of the current status of these wells have all been posted.

BR's Blue Ridge wells in Keene oil field have been updated.

QEP's G. Levang wells have been updated.

Will This Get Mika's Attention? 

When a billionaire got a private meeting with Hillary, millions went into the Clinton Fuondation to pay for speeches by Bill and Hillary.

When a billionaire gets a private meeting with Trump (who is not even president yet), "we" -- the United States -- gets a pledge of $50 billion for US investment and a promise to create 50,000 US jobs.

Story here.

I really don't care for the politics, per se, of this story. What fascinates me is how fast the world is changing. Note:
In an interview, Mr. Son said the money will be coming from a $100 billion investment fund he is setting up with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign-wealth fund and other potential partners. 
That's pretty special. A $100 billion investment fund -- half from SoftBank (Japanese) and half from the Mideast (Saudi Arabia) -- to be invested in the US.
With the new $100 billion fund—dubbed the SoftBank Vision Fund—Mr. Son plans to spend heavily in fields including the so-called Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, deep learning and robotics. He has said he wants to become the Warren Buffett of the tech industry.
SoftBank plans to invest at least $25 billion over the next five years in the fund, while Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund may contribute an additional $45 billion over the same period as the fund’s lead partner.
Two words: Bakken revolution. 

At some point, Trump's detractors may start to take notice. And all of this before he is even president.

And no phony Trump Foundation.

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