Friday, September 12, 2014

Slawson Has A Rare Frack Failure -- September 12, 2014

Wells coming off the confidential list today have been posted. Note this well:
  • 27635, 137, Slawson, Matilda Bay 1-15H, Stockyard Creek, 8 stages; planned for 24, mechanical problems; 600,000 pounds proppant; single section spacing, t6/14; cum --
Something tells me they will re-frack this well.

For Investors Only 

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Trading at new highs: CFN, MSFT, RAIL.

Everything suggests the west will cut off its nose to spite its face with regard to more sanctions on Russia. Germany has enough economic problems without self-immolating. The Scottish referendum has folks nervous also; I see there's a report suggesting a Scottish separation could be huge trouble for Spain. The headline even suggested the "end of Spain," I guess, as we know it.

Global Warming
Climate Change
Extreme Weather
Ice Age at 400 PPM

Whatever you call it, 400 PPM apparently is bringing unseasonably cold weather to the northeast. Accuweather is reporting:
Following a chilly rain during part of the weekend, the coolest air since the spring will settle over the Northeast Sunday night into Monday morning.
Temperatures are forecast to dip into the 50s from Boston and New York City to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The last time readings were this low was during the first couple of days of June in most cases and in late May in others.
The northern and western suburbs of the Interstate-95 cities will dip well down into the 40s. Cities forecast to drop into the 40s this weekend include Pittsburgh, Buffalo, New York, and Burlington, Vermont.
Some locations from northern Pennsylvania, upstate New York and northwestern New England will dip into the 30s. Provided skies remain clear and winds diminish, there is a risk of scattered frost for a few hours late Sunday night into Monday morning.
By the way, when you get to the link, scroll down to look at all the temperature and precipitation records that have fallen.

A couple of additional points might be noted. First, this unseasonably cold weather has to be putting pressure on propane supply in the northeast.

Second, it looks like the 18-year-old warming pause will be extended at least one more year.

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