Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Rundle Trust Dry; No Big Deal; Drilling Problems; Not Necessarily A Tyler Problem

For background, the three current MRO/Tyler wells. The first well ((#26223) was dry due to drilling problems (see below). The second and third are still on confidential status. Fracking is in progress or soon to begun based on comments from non-industry readers in the field. 

The file report for the 26223, Rundle Trust, is a very short report, only 50 pages, mostly standard boiler plate. Here was the important summary:
"Drilled pilot hole to 10,162' MD and this was cored. Then plugged back to 6,618' MD and then KOP for lateral at 6,645' MD. Casing was set as above. Well was drilled out to 8,254' MD when tools got stuck. Worked tools several days before bypassing at 8,124' MD and was drilled to 9,171'. MD when got stuck again. Worked several days before decision was made to PA well and drill new well."
The pilot well was to be drilled to 10,000 feet, so they didn't even get to the kick-off point with the "big rig." (I could be wrong on this, with regard to whether the "big rig" was ever on site.) -- Later: it appears I am wrong here: a reliable source says "they drilled down to the Three Forks, which was cored and logged, then backed out to the Tyler formation and kicked off at 6,600 ft (approx) and started drilling laterally. They got about 2,500 ft laterally when they got stuck and eventually abandoned the well." Apparently a "big rig" was used to drill to the Three Forks and then into the Tyler.
Originally planned, three objective horizons: Tyler, Three Fork (sic), Bird Bear. Listed in that order.
1280-acre spacing.
Update on the "second" Rundle Trust well here.

Later: note the correction above. The paragraph in quotes all makes sense with the correction.  They drilled to the Three Forks (10,163' MD), then plugged back to 6,618' MD. With a kick-off point of 6,645' MD to drill the lateral into the Tyler. They got to 8,124' and then to 9,171' feet before geting stuck and abandoning the well.

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