Friday, November 16, 2012

Warren Buffett Buying and Selling

Dumps GE and Johnson & Johnson.
According to the filing, Warren Buffett's holding company cut its stake in pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson by 95% and its GE position was slashed by 88%. As of the filing period, Berkshire held just $34 million worth of JNJ and under $12 million of GE. 
Among the stocks that were purchased during the quarter were Deere & Co.,...  It is likely that these positions were initiated by either Combs, Weschler, or both, and not the work of Buffett. 
The relatively small position sizes would suggest that the Oracle of Omaha did not choose the stocks himself, as he normally is only involved in purchases of $1 billion or more. The Deere position was valued at $337 million .... market cap for Deere is around $35 billion.
Warren's folks must think GE is having trouble getting its footing in the energy sector. GE liked wind. Also, I can only assume that the feds cutting back on defense spending will hurt GE. But then ... my hunch: Warren is looking forward to next summer when there should be lots of good buys.

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