Thursday, May 3, 2012

Additional Payzones in the Three Forks -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Link here to SeekingAlpha conference call transcript with CLR.
We are very pleased with the performance of our first two second-bench Three Forks producers, the Charlotte 2-22H and the Sunline 11-1. The Charlotte has produced 64,000 barrels of oil equivalent in 5.5 months and the Sunline has produced 48,000 barrels of oil equivalent in 2.8 months, and both wells continue to produce in line with the typical first-bench Three Forks producers.

By year end, we plan to drill 8 additional wells to test not only the second bench of the Three Forks, but also the third bench as well. Our first third-bench well will be drilled in the 1,280-acre Charlotte unit. This well will be located 0.5 mile east of the Charlotte 2-22 second-bench producer and 660 feet east of the Charlotte 1-22 Middle Bakken producer. In addition to this third-bench test, we also plan to drill a first-bench Three Forks well between the 1-22 Middle Bakken well and the 2-22 second Three Forks well. When finished, this will be the first 1,280-acre unit in the play with wells completed in 4 different members of the Bakken petroleum system
Folks might remember that it was CLR that first talked about middle Bakken and Three Forks not communicating.

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