Thursday, November 19, 2020

Notes From All Over -- Early Morning Edition -- November 19, 2020

Best story all day, sent by a reader, link here, data points:

  • Timber Creek Canyon, TX
  • cloned horse, could save Przewalski breed
  • cloned from his father; "genes" preserved for forty years -- yes, forty years
    • father was a resident of the San Diego Zoo for many years
  • breed nearly extinct in the early 1900s
    • about 12 horses were bred over time, creating around 2,000 Prezwalski horses now in existence
  • best line in the best story: even though epigenetics kicks in he's going to act a little different than the original .... epigenetics ... I would not have paid attention to epigenetics except for the blog ... Lamarck would say, "I told you so."

Another tech giant flees San Francisco, link here, data points:

  • Keith Raboi
    • Square, PayPal
    • "San Francisco is just so massively improperly run and managed that it's impossible to stay here."
      • rampant homelessness
      • relentless wildfires
      • crushing Covid
    • will move to Florida -- Miami, to be exact
  • other tech giants who have left
    • PayPal's Peter Thiel
    • Palantir's Alex Karp and Joe Lonsdale

BLM: I avoided this story for several days; finally read it. Glad I did. Raptors #23 -- same number as that of our granddaughter, the soccer player.

Chinese flu watch: at link, be sure to set filter to "yesterday" --

  • North Dakota moves up a notch, now #8 for deaths per capita
  • South Dakota also moves up, from #23 recently to #16
  • cases/per capita
    • North Dakota, #1, nearing 9% (70% or greater needed for her immunity -- long way to go)
    • South Dakota, #2, nearing 8%
    • Iowa, #3, just over 6%
    • Texas, #25, not even at 4%; with some of the hottest spots in the US, still only #25 on this list
    • New York, #32, barely above 3%; the "city" shuts down all schools as of yesterday, November 19, 2020 -- bars, gyms, and restaurants remain open; over 300,000 students affected

BofA banking on Zillenials:

  • I can't make this up. Story removed from source. This was the link; let's see if it shows up later.
    • It appears that BofA told ZeroHedge to remove the story based on copyright issues. [Later: the story is now back online-- November 21, 2020.]
  • the story -- not as good -- but at least "a" story of the BofA study is available over at BusinessInsight
    • I "worry" about a generation that doesn't enjoy automobiles. Seriously.  
    • actually, the whole article is somewhat ridiculous; it's a snapshot in time; do the same survey twenty years from now and see how the Z generation will be much like the current boomer generation;
    • the study is not so much about "generation" as about "age": 16-year-olds think different than 60-year-olds; when those same 16-year-olds turn 60, their answers to the same questions will change;

Vaccine watch: link here.

  • So a total of 0.386% of the 44,000 volunteers came down with Covid by means unknown, and this tiny sample is the foundation of grandiose claims of 95% effectiveness? 
  • Note the incredibly small sample size. 
  • If even 3% of the test group had contracted Covid, the sample size would be 1,320 people -- still a small number but considerably more persuasive than 1/3rd of 1% (170).

Turkey hikes rates to 15%.

Target on target: same-day channels grow 217% in 3Q20; link here

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.  Do not make any investment, financial, job, career, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or think you may have read here. 

Apple: and yet another review raving about the new Apple MacBoo Air (M1,2020). This is truly amazing.

Dead: Bobby Brown, Jr. 28.

BLM Football

Finally a good match up tonight.

Two 6 - 3 teams face off. 

Unfortunately one of the 6 - 3 teams has been a huge disappointment. It should be 8 - 1 or even 9 - 0. The Seattle Seahawks were/are in the top four headed for the Super Bowl ... but a 6 - 3 team to the Super Bowl? 

Meanwhile, overnight, "No longer primetime: NFL's Sunday, Monday night ratings crater to new low." Google app won't allow link.

The word “struggling,” doesn’t seem to be strong enough to describe what has happened to the ratings for NBC’s Sunday Night Football and ESPN’s Monday Night Football. 
Sunday Night Football’s Patriots-Ravens game last weekend was down a whopping 31 percent over last year’s Week 10 game [to] become the season’s least-watched Sunday game
“Ratings have dropped for all 11 NFL games on NBC this season, with viewership down for all-but-one,” SMW reported. 
Meanwhile, ESPN’s Monday Night Football averaged 11.45 million viewers and was the series’ second-best Week 10 audience since 2015, it was still down 28 percent over last season
On the other hand, Fox earned 18.24 million viewers Sunday with its Buccaneers-Panthers game becoming the most-watched game since 2016 when a Week 16 game earned 18.40 million viewers on Fox on Christmas Eve. 
However, the Seahawks-Rams and Bengals-Steelers games on Fox lost twenty percent and 13 percent respectively. As to CBS, its Bills-Cardinals game was off 35 percent.

And this is when sports enthusiasts have little to watch. 


  1. As a huge Hawks fan, will say its easy to say a team should have been...
    Injuries have tore up the offense after the 5-0 start.
    They also close the season with softest schedule in the league so 6-3 now can be a good 12-4 at end.

    1. They won last night but it wasn't particularly wildly remarkable. But a win is a win. I just can't believe kickers are missing PATs, and the NFL, like the NHL, needs to let fights break out.