Friday, November 20, 2020

Good, Bad, Or Indifferent -- North Dakota Pushes On -- November 20, 2020

From social media yesterday, from The Williston Herald:

Right now, it looks like the Dakotas, Florida, and Texas are pushing on. California and New York are pulling back.  

From The WSJ this morning: is it allergies or Covid? 

Fever, cough and shortness of breath are also regularly discussed for a reason, as is diarrhea, he said. But that doesn’t mean that the rest can be ruled out. “The reality is that in the ER, in a clinic, we cannot tell them apart, and that’s why you have to test people.”

At this point, he added, coronavirus case numbers in the U.S. are so high that it’s reasonable to consider Covid as likely an explanation for most symptoms as anything else. 

And reimbursements for a Covid-19 diagnosis are huge compared to reimbursements for an allergy. A health insurance policy is unlikely to cover an emergency room visit for allergies; it will cover an emergency room visit for Covid-19. 

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