Monday, September 3, 2018

How Busy Is The Bakken? -- September 3, 2018

From the September, 2018, hearing dockets.

I don't recall the last time I've seen so many salt water disposal cases in the dockets:
  • 26885, Swanson, SWD
  • 26886, Swanson, SDW
  • 26887, Swanson, SWD
  • 26888, Oasis, SWD
  • 26889, Oasis, SWD
Trust But Verify

Also from the hearing dockets, something I don't recall seeing before:
  • 26879, NDIC, Grinnell-Bakken; review the status of the leases in a 2560-acre unit to monitor the progress of developing sections 29/30/31/32-154-96; as well as sections 30/31-154-96, McKenzie, Williams
The graphic:

The wells:
  • 31044, 797, XTO, Homer 14X-32AXD, Grinnell, t1/16; cum 229K 7/18; offline as of 7/18;
  • 29761, 1,012, XTO, Homer 14X-32E, Grinnell, t1/16; cum 115K 7/18; offline as of 7/18;
  • 29762, 959, XTO, Homer 14X-32A, Grinnell, t1/16; cum 183K 7/18; offline as of 7/18;
  • 31045, 955, XTO, Homer Federal 14X-32F, Grinnell, t1/16; cum 150K 7/18; offline as of 7/18;
  • 31046, 1.018, XTO, Homer Federal 14X-32B, Grinnell, t2/16; cum 229K 7/18; offline as of 6/18;
My hunch: under the river; lots of interest by the state and the federal government; perhaps President Trump and the governor of North Dakota were both curious what the "delay" was all about.

Note: the four wells in the southeast corner of section 32 are Newfield's Sorenson Federal wells in Sand Creek; they will all run south. Those six Sorenson wells are tracked here.

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