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The Oasis Lite Wells In The Sanish; It Never Quits -- One Thing Leads To Another -- June 22, 2017

Disclaimer: in a long note like this, there will be typographical and factual errors. In addition, it was done quickly when I was watching some golf on television. I may be seeing things that do not exist. Do not quote me on any of this. I do this for my own interests to help me understand the Bakken better. If this is important to you, go to the source.


October 1, 2018: Oasis Lite wells were updated here.

Original Post

Oasis has permits for ten more wells in the Sanish, section 11-153-93, see diagram below.
  • 33699, 1,118, t5/18; cum 151K 6/19;
  • 33698, 381, t5/18; cum 137K 6/19;
  • 33697, 1,470, t6/18; cum 159K 6/19;
  • 33696, 657, t6/18; cum 139K 6/19;
  • 33695, 759, t6/18; cum 160K 6/19;
  • 33694, 456, Oasis, Lite 5393 31-11 10T, Sanish, t6/18; cum 147K 6/19;

  • 33690, 984, t7/18; cum 166K 6/19;
  • 33691, 1,011, t7/18; cum 160K 6/19;
  • 33692, 955, t7/18; cum 167K 6/19;
  • 33693, 814,  t7/18; cum 145K 6/19;

The other horizontals in that graphic:
  • 17582, 1,019, Oasis, Mimir Uran 11-11H, Sanish, t11/09; cum 212K 6/19; struggling in 6/18; doing well in 2019;
  • 24194, 3,518, Oasis, Lite 5393 11-11B, Sanish, t6/13; cum 286K 6/19; huge jump 6/18;
  • 24166, 3,188, Oasis, Travel 5393 14-12T, Sanish, Three Forks, t5/13; cum 292K 6/19; struggling in 6/18; doing well in 2019;
Completion data:
  • 17582, cased hole, 1.6 million lbs sand/ceramic; test, 10/27/09
  • 24194, 36 stages, 4.2 million lbs; FracFocus: 5/22/2013 - 5/22/2013 (no typo; a one-day frack); 3.2 million gallons of water;
  • 24166, a Three Forks well; wellbore in the TF target porosity zone for 78% of the lateral. FracFocus: fracked 5/21/2013 - 5/21/2013 (no typo; a one-day frack); 2.9 million gallons of water;
Note, for newbies: in the target zone for 78% of the time is not a good number at all; 95%+ is expected.

Production profile of the older well, #17582: just out of curiosity I checked the production profile for #17582 and a most interesting observation.


It's not dramatic, but some observations:
  • leading up to the summer of 2013, this well's production had declined to about 1,500 bbls/month; a typical Bakken decline
  • then the well was taken off-line in January, 2013, but then back on line in February; there was a jump in production but not particularly noteworthy (but note, only 14 days in February, 2013)
  • then, taken off-line, off and on for the next three months
  • then in May, 2013, two horizontals in the same section were fracked; one was a middle Bakken (like #17582) and one was a Three Forks well
  • note how far away these two newly fracked wells were, and how little they actually "overlapped" with #17582
  • note: it was actually a Three Forks well that "intersected" with the index well, a middle Bakken well
  • then, note the jump to over 7,000 bbls/month after the neighboring wells were fracked
  • the jump in production lasted several months, but did decline as would be expected
  • the jump is not enough to move the needle for an operator, but for one who has minerals, this is not trivial
There can be many explanations for the jump in production. This note does not address that; simply an observation.

I can't wait to see the production profiles of all three wells in this section when Oasis completes ten more Lite wells -- most of which, I assume, will be fracked at the same time.

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