Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Few Miscellaneous Notes Regarding The Earlier Halcon Presention Post -- May 15, 2016

I had forgotten I had this tag: "boe/acre." I have only used it once before, unfortunately, forgetting to tag other posts in which boe/acre was discussed.

I was reminded of this in a post earlier today comparing Halcon's prospects in the Bakken and in the Eagle Ford.

In that post, Halcon suggested around 6 middle Bakken wells in each DSU (generally 1280 acres) with an additional 6 Three Forks wells in the same DSU. Operators are targeting 950,000 bbls EUR in these better spots, but let's go with 750,000 bbls/well EUR in each of the formations.

(12 x 750,000) / 1280 acres = 7,000 boe/acre.

By the way, Halcon did not address the Austin chalk in their 1Q16 presentation.

Here is the 1Q16 transcript.

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