Thursday, September 4, 2014

European Bonds Providing Investors A Negative Return -- September 4, 2014; The Albino Asp Captured

Being reported tonight by Reuters: "Euro under water as ECB opens liquidity tap."
The Euro was deep under water on Friday having suffered its steepest daily fall in three years after the European Central Bank stunned markets by cutting interest rates and embarking on a trillion-euro asset-buying binge.

The aggressive shift sent short-term bond yields into negative territory in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Austria, giving investors an overwhelming incentive to sell euros for higher yigher yielding assets elsewhere.
Hmmm....sounds like the US Fed some years ago.

How's that renewable energy program working out? Or the Russian sanctions?

The Wall Street Journal

Putin offers Kiev peace ... on his terms. That was yesterday. Today: Russian troops move on port, shattering hopes for a truce.

US, UK, and France will form international coalition to fight ISIL (aha, a strategy is being developed). Better late than never, but I thought the US military was strong enough to do it alone.

Teachers unions are fighting back against a California ruling that gutted two things they hodl sacred: tenure and seniority. But they face an uphill battle.

Please tell me this isn't true: Jeb Bush sends signals about 2016 presidential bid.

Fast-food workers strike for $150 minimum wage. Error: $15.

Shell oil company won't set production-growth targets: more concerned abou tcash flow to keep its dividend going. Okay.

 Wow, who would have guessed. Lego is now #1 toy company, pushing ahead of Mattel, in both revenue and profit. Go Lego.

Sugar prices drop to 7-month low. Something tells me consumers won't see this reflected in their candy bars.
The Los Angeles Times

And this is sad, the top story: Joan Rivers.  

Lava flows toward homes in Hawaii; emergency declared.

BP may face $18 billion in gulf spill fines. Bankruptcy next?

Reported elsewhere yesterday, but a big story in LA: electrified car sales stall as buyers back away from hybrids.

That albino cobra captured after 4-day search. Albino cobra hissing LA non-albino militarized  police of harassment. Hissing harassment.

Newly discovered giant dinosaur weight as much as seven (7) T-Rexes.

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