Monday, February 22, 2021

WTI Soars, EV-Long Haul Trucking Won't Be Ready For Prime Time For Years -- February 22, 2021


  • GS sees $75 Brent in 3Q21
  • today: WTI soared over 4%; up $2.45; trending toward $62;

Tesla: Tesla's least expensive version of its Model Y is no longer available. Unlike the Model T, these cars are not made for the average man.

  • Standard Range Model Y: $41,990; cut by $2,000 last week; "only," $39,999
  • possibility of new federal tax credits for EVs that would make Tesla eligible for tax credits again; push profit margins lower if Tesla were to sell more of its cheapest model versions;
  • bottom line:
    • prices keep changing:
    • expensive;
    • federal tax credits are critical

Iraq: Iraq pauses massive prepaid oil deal with China as prices soar (very similar to hedging, but apparently Iraq can cancel any time it wants). 

EV trucks: yesterday I watched the Daimler unveiling of their new Freightliner Cascadia. Range: 250 miles. When I was growing up in North Dakota my dad told me truckers could re-fuel in Minnesota and drive clear across North Dakota without refueling. With a 250-mile range, EV truckers would have to re-charge at least once in North Dakota and possibly twice. With a 250-mile range between charging, that's barely a four-hour trip before re-charging.

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