Sunday, October 6, 2019

Wow, Wow, Wow --- I Just Checked -- Jason Garrett On The Hot Seat -- October 6, 2019

Cowboys lose two in a row.

34 - 24.

Ten points.

Apparently at one time, the Cowboys trailed 34 - 3.

Just Dropped In, The First Edition
Udon Noodles and Edamame

Udon noodles though having a subtler flavor than their counterpart, ramen noodles, easily absorb the flavor of the broth it is made in. Ramen noodles come either curly or straight whereas, udon noodles are usually straight. Udon noodles are more filling, compared to ramen, due to their thickness.

And, yes, Sophia prepares udon noodles to ramen. 


  1. Kind of surprising,but at fifteen times Sophia's age I hold chop sticks exactly like she does. Life would be a lot better if someone would invent chops sticks specifically for left-handed people. Alas, it is not to be....

    1. Pretty funny. My Japanese-Hispanic wife is left-handed and has never mentioned any difficulty with chopsticks ... LOL.