Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday, April 4, 2019, T+92 -- The Story That Will Dominate Business News Today -- Tesla

92nd day of the new Congress, update on accomplishments, bills introduced, bills passed:

And we move on. Both parties in the US House of Representatives agree -- time to raise the federal gasoline and diesel tax.

Jobs report today. Several reports coming out this week -- first, unemployment data today and employment data tomorrow (Friday). Regarding the employment report coming out tomorrow, economists expect hiring rise, wage gains in March jobs report. Link here. Lots of great graphics at the linked article. I wonder if folks remember that the February data showed that the US had an increase of only 20,000 jobs in February. I'm sure that's accurate but it certainly seems laughable. I wonder if the statisticians are counting all the folks working on new highways in Texas? Forecast, March data:
  • 175,000: the number of jobs added by employers in February
  • 3.8%: unemployment rate (which would be no change)
WSJ headlines: conglomerate? cartel? collusion? The Berkshire empire is quietly collaborating more than ever. Rise in communication among senior leaders offers glimpse at future of conglomerate when Warren Buffett no longer runs it.
Top executives from Berkshire units now gather regularly to share strategies and best practices. Some of these companies participate in purchasing cohorts to take advantage of group rates for items like travel and raw materials. Last year, employees from more than 40 Berkshire businesses met in the firm’s headquarters city of Omaha, NE, to discuss sustainability.
Tesla data posted. Link here.

So, how is the BIG STORY of the day playing out? Tesla's first quarter deliveries plummet! I assume those folks who bought at the close yesterday wished they had to waited until this morning to buy. Whatever.

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