Thursday, April 4, 2019

MRO Wells Of Interest In The Killdeer Oil Field -- April 4, 2019

A reader's note to me suggests it might be interesting to follow up on this area in about six months.

The graphic:

  • #34763, March 27, 2019: placed on the "confidential wells plugged or producing." The well was placed on that list about three days after it had moved 50 feet to begin drilling the next well.
Wells in the graphic:
  • 14962, a Duperow (2000)/Madison (2001) well; still active, reporting from the Madison; the Red River was dry; Duperow, 1,080; Madison, 80, Leland Oil & Gas, LLC, Davis State 34-36, Killdeer, t5/01; cum 11K (Madison); 35K (Duperow); off line since 11/18;
Of interest:
  • 34763, conf (ROS), MRO, Danner 14-36H, Killdeer,
  • 34764, conf, MRO, Jocelyn 14-36TFH, Killdeer,
  • 34765, conf, MRO, Kinney 24-36TFH, Killdeer,

  • 35175, conf (ROS), MRO, State Eggert 24-36H, Killdeer,
  • 35176, conf, MRO, State Eileen 34-36TFH, Killdeer,
  • 35177, conf, MRO, State Elias 34-36TFH, Killdeer,
  • 35178, conf, MRO, State Etta 44-36H, Killdeer,

  • 35526, conf, MRO, Twen 44-36TFH, Killdeer,
  • 35525, conf, MRO, Hayes 14-31H, Killdeer,
  • 33524, conf, MRO, Mason 14-31TFH, Killdeer,

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