Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wells Reporting IPs on Monday; Some Great Wells; Peak Oil, What Peak Oil; $30 Billion Unaccounted For -- Global Warmers

Active rigs in the Bakken: 184 (steady, up from the low of 181)

A reader sent the link to this great story; what a great way to start another Bakken week!

RBN Energy: gulf coast demand; updates new developments in the Permian; repercussions for the Bakken, of course


To the best of my knowledge, the wells that came off the confidential list since last Thursday (Thanksgiving) have not yet been posted. They should be posted Monday.

The Thursday / Friday wells at this post.

The Saturday / Sunday / Monday wells at this post.

Miscellaneous links. Maybe more on these later.


The Sahara Desert / Algeria: answers to France's energy problems?  My hunch: France loves fracking, as long as it's done in its former colonies. It never ends, does it?

Is this nuts or what? Global warming folks don't even know if the $30 billion, or $40 billion, or $100 billion, or whatever it was, was even delivered. One might want to check one of Al Gore's thirty-seven garages.

Peak oil, what peak oil? Mexicans discover another elephant field

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