Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three Bakken Stories From the Dickinson Press

Links sent to me by Don; nice stories.

The first has been talked about before: banks in the oil patch have a problem -- too much money. The banks are "scrambling" to find ways to invest that money. I scanned through the article. I may have missed it. It's my understanding the problem is that banks are required to pay insurance on their deposits. As their deposits increase, their insurance costs go up.

The second story: has the Bakken had a spillover effect on the rest of the state? The story at the link will answer that question. In fact, as blogged numerous times, the Bakken has had a spillover effect on the rest of the nation.  The writer discovered that the state has experienced a spillover effect. Okay.

And then the third story: a profile of a young artist working as a truck driver in the oil patch, paying off debts, and saving money for his own art studio. Wow, I hope it works out for him. There's a nice twist to the story. Go to the link.

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