Monday, September 17, 2018

Quick! Pop Quiz? -- September 17, 2018

Name the #4 producer in the North Dakota Bakken.

Hint: It's not Fidelity.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, you are correct. I was amazed to read that Oasis was number 4. There are some heavy hitters in the Bakken: CLR, Whiting, MRO, BR, XTO, WPX, Hess, EOG, OXY (no longer), Statoil (old name),Denbury, Enerplus, Newfield, QEP, Petro-Hunt -- so, to see Oasis up there in #4 -- I am very, very impressed. And I don't think this company was around before 2007?

  2. Solid guess! Lol! My opinion is that when Oasis bought all the Zenergy acreage north of Watford, that was the big turning point for them. Very good buy for them.

    1. I am very, very impressed. I never would have guessed. Great example of someone who is actually following the Bakken very, very closely (you, not me with regard to who is buying what).