Monday, February 9, 2015

Seven (7) New Permits -- February 9, 2015; Looks Like Whiting Has Some Huge "KOG Wells"


February 12, 2015: Some folks have noted the "huge" Whiting wells in Moccasin Creek, Dunn County. See comments. Yes, these are huge wells; I was hoping folks would notice. It will be interesting to compare long-term production of these Whiting wells compared with KOG wells (yes, these were originally KOG permits/wells bought by Whiting).  Whiting announced enhanced fracking / completions in the future some time ago. When they post the fracking data, I will post some examples (if I remember).

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Hints that Blackrock thinks that "Big Oil" has bottomed. Link here. Note the wording. See disclaimer

Active rigs:

Active Rigs137192185203163

Well name changes perhaps due to slump in oil prices:
  • CLR is now targeting the middle Bakken with two Cuskelly wells (#29708, #29710); they were targeting the second bench and the first bench of the Three Forks, respectively.
Seven (7) new permits:
  • Operators: MRO (4), HRC (2), Petro-Hunt
  • Fields: Reunion Bay (Mountrail), McGregory Buttes (Dunn), Charlson (McKenzie)
  • Comments:
Four (4) producing wells completed:
  • 25587, 3,465, Whiting, Moccasin Creek 14-33-28-4H, Moccasin, t1/15; cum --
  • 25588, 2,750, Whiting, Moccasin Creek 14-33-28-4H3, Moccasin, t1/15; cum --
  • 27360, 1,114, Emerald, Slugger 7-16-21H, Charbonneau, t12/14; cum 10K 12/14;
  • 28301, 1,735, XTO, Omlid 41X-13G, Siverston, t1/15; cum --
Wells coming off the confidential list over the weekend, today were posted earlier; see sidebar at the right.


  1. Those are some big kog wells. Did kog ever have anything similar pre WLL in NE Dunn? Are there any other NE Dunn well similar? I don't recall seeing such big numbers in NE Dunn before.

    It would appear Whitings completion technique is superior.

    1. I agree, I noticed the same thing. These are huge wells, based on IPs; it will be interesting to track these wells over time vs KOG well in the same area.. Whiting announced enhanced completion/fracking techniques a while ago.

      I track Moccasin Creek wells here: