Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hawkeye Oil Field Has Been Updated -- October 25, 2014

Link here for the Hawkeye oil field.

Newbies might get a kick out of seeing some incredible Hess and BR wells: 100K bbls in less than 6 months.

Also, check out this interesting post regarding the Hawkeye oil field.

A Re-Entry Well? Test The Madison, Other Formations?

Regarding the following well, a sundry form received June 6, 2014, suggests OXY USA will be re-entering this well to test the Madison, as well as possibly other formations:
  • 17899, TA/1,191, OXY USA, Stroh 11-1H, Lot 4 1-143N-97W, Cabernet, 1,191, t9/09; cum 157 12/12;
This well last produced oil in June, 2012.

There is a nice Madison well one-half mile northeast of the Stroh Bakken well:
  • 14442, AB/283, Missouri Basin Well Service, Beaudoin 36-1, t10/96; cum 129K 8/14;


  1. I cant post the article, but the Badlands NGLs President was interviewed by the Minnpls Star- about where the plant would be located. He stated it would be where mid-stream companies deliver the ethane. He said it may be easier to just build in near an interstate gas pipeline, where the ethane could be separated from the methane. That is the reason that southcentral or NE ND are likely. Only two OneOK plants and Hess are capable of removing the ethane from the gas, and the pipelines are at the point of being saturated with ethane, so for just a safety issue, an ethylene plant is needed to get gas out of ND. Google plastic and natural gas and dakota,

    He also said that is was likely that a polypropylene plant would get built, and a mega refinery would be built near Williston.

    1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to write. I've only skimmed the first page, but that's a very, very good article in the MSP Star -- reminds me of the days growing up in Williston, reading that Sunday paper "religiously."

      Here's the link:

      I will bring this up to a stand-along post, so it's easier to access Thank you very much. This article is much more than just about a new plant; much is explained.