Tuesday, November 13, 2012

North Dakota Sets New Production; Providing Twelve Percent of Nation's Output

Link here to the Dickinson Press.
North Dakota has set an oil production record for the fifth consecutive year.
.... crude production through September totaled more than 173.9 million barrels. That's up from the record 152.9 million barrels set last year.
....... on pace to surpass 200 million barrels in 2012.
.......crude from western North Dakota's oil patch is fueling refineries across the country.
North Dakota is the nation's No. 2 oil producer, behind Texas.
......North Dakota accounts for about 12 percent of total U.S. crude production. That's up from 1 percent less than five years ago.
That last bullet is incredible. Twelve percent is not trivial. 


  1. Impressive indeed and it will only continue to grow exponentially if allowed to function freely. Going from 1% to 12% of US crude production in less than five years is a miracle.

    Not allowed to function freely is the big cloud on the horizon.

    1. Yes, it is numbers like these, and the projections that the Bakken could rival Saudi Arabia that gets the EPA salivating, to take control of the operation.