Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Political Page -- April 7, 2016

I apologize for posting this late. I had to get it cleared through the Department of Justice to ensure that my SuperPac was not corresponding with or coordinating with Ted Cruz. For newbies, to the best of my knowledge there are no Devils Lake oil rigs; the off-shore oil rig is only an artist's drawing of a rig in the middle of Devils Lake.

It appears that not only is North Dakota #1 in nuclear missiles (take note, North Korea), but it is also the global crude oil swing producer, and now the GOP swing state.

File under "swing."

The Biden Rule

Breaking news:  President Obama, at University of Chicago: Senate decision not to consider Merrick Garland for Supreme Court is 'unprecedented.'

I believe the "President of the US Senate is Mr Joe Biden."

I believe "The Biden Rule" on this matter was formulated in 1992. 

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