Sunday, July 26, 2020

Biodiesel In The US -- EIA -- July 26, 2020

Re-posting: earlier today I posted EIA bio-diesel data -- see below the fold below. I mentioned that there was something "wrong" with that data. Actually nothing is "wrong" with the data, I mis-wrote; there is simply some data missing.

Perhaps that data is there and perhaps I simply missed it. But here's the thing, as Elizabeth Warren would say.

A gazillion words and several diagrams are provided, implying the virtues of biodiesel.

We are clearly told how much biodiesel the US produces (by state) and how much the US consumes (by state) on an annual basis. But does the EIA article tell us how much diesel the US produces/consumes each year? Perhaps I missed it but I didn't see it there, and the graphic certainly doesn't include it.

So, how much biodiesel is produced / consumed on an annual basis in the US compared to "regular" diesel?

  • from below, the annual production / consumption of biodiesel in the US is about 50 million bbls (consumption has actually declined for the past two years);
  • from other sources, annual production of "regular" diesel in the US / consumption of "regular" diesel in the US is about 1.8 billion bbls / 1.5 billion bbls
    • let's call it 1.5 billion bbls
  • 50 million bbls (biodiesel) / 1.5 billion bbls ("regular" diesel): 3.3%
Disclaimer: I often make simple arithmetic errors and often misread things. This may be incorrect. If this is important to you, go to the source.

Pop Quiz 
Bio-diesel: what's wrong with these two screenshots and the article at the EIA link? Answer later.

Link here and here.

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