Friday, October 6, 2017

Continuing To Make America Great -- Japanese Company To Invest $1 Billion In Tennessee; Create 1,000 Jobs -- October 6, 2017

Two different ways of thinking to create jobs for Americans.

Obama: taxpayer-funded incentives; job training (no pay, but job training)
Trump: private enterprise; public (state)-private partnerships; not job training but paying jobs

Exhibit A at Reuters, data points:
  • Japanese EV supplier, Denso Corp
  • Maryville, TN
  • $ 1 billion plant
  • create 1,000 jobs
The Energy And Market Page, T+258

WTI: continues to fall toward $49.

NYSE: down slightly. CNBC and Fox Business News continue to focus on the "points" up or down, how many points the market rises or falls. The Dow 30 is now so high (at 22,000+ ) the move measured in "points" means very little if the move is less than 250 points one way or the other, except psychologically. Today, is a great example. Hysteria over a 30-point drop. A 30-point decline on the Dow 30 today? Traders should have stayed home. The 30-point decline amounts to 0.13%. Zeropointonethree percent. On the other hand, a 1% drop would mean a 220+ point decline.

New highs on the Dow 30: 135, including the banks; BK (whoo-hoo); GM; Home Depot; D. R. Horton;
  • new lows: 18
  • I don't own BK directly but I bought shares in BK decades ago for one of the daughters; bought it and forgot it; reinvested dividends; current yield, 1.8%; would love to know the yield based on the original investment; I bought this back in 1990 time frame I suppose; don't recall exact date; max chart over at Yahoo!Finance only goes back to 2012 -- dividend then, 13 cents/share; dividend now, 24 cents/share. Price/share back in 2012, $22; share price now; $54. Without dividend investment, 96 cents/$22 = 4.4% but with all the shares bought through reinvestment .. whatever. I no longer follow her portfolio. I don't know if the still has these shares or not. I assume she does. 
COP: maintains dividend.

Fracking to begin in the UK in weeks. The Independent. Link here.  In Yorkshire, despite protests. "In weeks" gives faux environmentalists weeks to mobilize. I was stationed in Yorkshire for quite some time while in the USAF. Huge area of ultra-leftists who hated the US; hated nukes; hated spies. Loved the Russians; loved socialism; loved to protest, especially if the protests became militant. Glad to see they have something new to protest.

The Political Page, T+258

The Weinstein defense. Did everyone see how quickly and coordinate the defense of Weinstein developed. Literally overnight and before the morning news cycle began. This has "Hillary's War Room" written all over it. Starting last night and through the night, the "Hillary War Room" was calling every contact / donor in Hollywood to bring them on board to defend Weinstein. The three-hour time difference worked to Hillary's advantage.

The EV Page

Full EV chart for September, 2017, is now available. This page has much more than just the chart; highly recommend that you scroll down and read the entire page. These guys are doing a great job.

The chart:

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